Neuropsychology has been the centre of my work in clinical psychology for over thirty years. I have a special interest in the Neuropsychology of the Emotions, as set-out in Jaak Panksepp’s Affective Neuroscience and in my own books Emotional First Aid, Couple Dynamics, and Pulsation.

I travel widely in the UK to provide expert witness reports in criminal cases to the Police and Crown Prosecution Service, and to Defence lawyers.

I travel within the UK to provide forensic neuropsychology assessments. I live in London, and provide private consultations and brief neuropsychology assessments at London Trauma Specialists in Bloomsbury (

In my assessments I mainly use CANTAB Insight, which is at the leading edge of modern neuropsychology assessment. Insight has been developed over many years by Cambridge Cognition. Instead of the more usual and time-consuming pencil and paper testing, in Insight the client uses an iPad touch-screen in a series of tests of abilities which are sensitive to neurological damage: Executive Function, Processing Speed, Attention, Working Memory, and Episodic Memory. The Insight assessment takes about 30 minutes and provides immediate results. It is both highly efficient and user-friendly.