I was born in England, grew up in N Ireland, and obtained a First Class Honours degree in English at Oxford in 1965. I then spent some years studying psychotherapy in North America and learned Wilhelm Reich’s methods from Dr Myron Sharaf in Boston. I obtained my PhD in psychology at Saybrook Institute (now Saybrook University) in San Francisco in 1977, and completed the North American licensing examinations (EPPP) in psychology in 1984. I worked as a private psychotherapist in Canada and also as a clinical psychologist / neuropsychologist in various public health services. I also gave training workshops under the auspices of the University of British Columbia and in Atlantic Canada.

In 1994 I returned to England to work as a Consultant Neuropsychologist in the NHS, setting up memory clinics in Birmingham and in East London, and working as an expert witness in civil and criminal court cases. I retired from full time NHS work in 2012 as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Head of Neuropsychology and Psychology for Older People at East London Foundation Trust.

I was an Associate, Associates for Human Resources (AHR), Management Consulting, 1996-1999.

I have also published widely in literature: essays, collections of poems, and a novel. (See www.seanhaldane.com )

I am the author of Emotional First Aid (1984) and Couple Dynamics (1985), both of which teach self-help psychotherapy, through exercises and explorations to be worked on independently by individuals or couples. In Pulsation: from Wilhelm Reich to Neurodynamic Psychotherapy (2014), I propose a consultational approach in which the clinician (medical or psychological) is a guide over occasional consultations, while the individual or couple works in a structured way on their own or together.

background information

My doctoral dissertation (1977) in psychology at Saybrook Institute (now Saybrook University), San Francisco, was on Human Pulsation, a study of emotional development grounded in neuroscience. My clinical work in Canada was largely neuropsychological: in Prince Edward Island this focused mainly on children with neurological disorders (including rare congenital disorders), and in British Columbia in Memory Clinics mainly for older people.

On returning to England (1994) I worked in Older People’s Services in Solihull, West Midlands, then from 2001 to 2012 in a Memory Clinic I had helped set up in East London where I became Head of Neuropsychology (for all ages) and Psychology for Older People in East London NHS Foundation Trust. Throughout my full-time with the NHS I was a supervisor on clinical psychology doctoral training courses. I also gave lectures on neuropsychology on psychiatry and geriatric medicine training courses.

Since 1998 I have done extensive psycho-legal work, in neuropsychology assessments and reports. My curriculum vitae for expert witness work is on file with the National Crime Agency.

Since 2016 I have worked closely with my colleague Dr Stuart Brody http://drstuartbrody.com/ on providing training to clinicians working with sexual problems, especially with older people.